Out & about with the LHA

Stan Simpson, water manager with Savannah District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, discusses the 2016 drought with members of the Lake Hartwell Association, Oct. 14.

The Lake Hartwell Association invited us to attend their annual meeting Saturday, Oct. 14, and we had the privilege of delivering a presentation.

The subject matter included an overview of the 2016 drought, the status of the basin’s current conditions and details about the Comprehensive Study’s tentatively selected plan.

We thought the broader audience of Balancing the Basin might be interested in seeing our slides from the meeting, so they are posted here: Lake Hartwell Association slides.

Thanks again for your comments and feedback.

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Fall is prime time for camping in Ga., S.C.

**Updated Oct. 13 to reflect user comments (Thanks, Georgette Thompson!)**

As recreation season winds down, fall is here, er … mostly, so it’s a perfect time to make plans and get the family together to enjoy the cooler weather.

Though most of the campgrounds around our reservoirs have closed for the season, here are a few ideas for enjoying the fall and winter.

Hartwell: Crescent Group and Springfield campgrounds will close Nov. 1.

Watsadler and Twin Lakes campgrounds will undergo a partial closure beginning Dec. 1, however, many sites / loops will be open year-round.

Thurmond: Leroys Ferry, Bussey Point and Petersburg (sites 1-27) campgrounds will be open year-round. In addition, Broad River and Hester’s Ferry (managed by Lincoln County) are also open year-round.

At Richard B. Russell, camping is managed by Calhoun Falls and Richard B. Russell state parks. Check their websites for more information.

If hunting is your game, Thurmond Lake will host its annual archery and muzzleloader events this weekend and again Nov. 10-11 (details here).

Check out the links below and contact the respective offices for more information.
Hartwell hunting
Thurmond hunting
Russell hunting

~ Jeremy S. Buddemeier, Corporate Communications Office

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Closing the book on Irma

Like many folks throughout the Caribbean and southeastern U.S., I’m ready to put Hurricane Irma behind me.

Contrary to the initial projections, the East Coast was spared the bulk of her wrath. However, that fact has provided little comfort to the Savannah River Basin, which is still recovering from nearly two years of drought, and for its residents, who are probably still yearning for the rainfall that could have been.

And while it’s easy to get caught up in that “what if” cycle, consider what Irma did bring.

For the month of September, Hartwell collected 3.75 inches (compared to its 4.68 average), while Thurmond received 3.24 inches (versus its 3.52-inch average).

That means Irma delivered almost 80 percent of Thurmond’s take (2.5 inches) and more than half of Hartwell’s (just over 2 inches).

Without Irma, last month could have easily looked a lot like September 2016 (conversely), where Hartwell received a paltry 0.77 inches and Thurmond, 1.51 inches.

Looking ahead, fall is here and as the temperatures decrease, there’s a better chance things will start looking up for the Savannah River basin.

As temperatures drop, evaporation and transpiration will begin to decrease, too. That means a greater percentage of the rain we do receive will reach the reservoirs.

I’m not hoping for any more hurricanes, but I’ll still take any rain we can get.

~ Jeremy S. Buddemeier, Corporate Communication Office

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Why Irma rainfall had marginal effects on levels: inflows remain below average

Many basin stakeholders have expressed interest in why reservoir levels didn’t respond better to the Hurricane Irma rainfall received on Sept. 11 and 12. Continue reading

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Irma expected to improve drought conditions in upper basin

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Officials with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Savannah District said today that the Hartwell, Russell, and Thurmond Reservoirs are equipped and able to safely capture forecasted rainfall from Hurricane Irma. Continue reading

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Recovering from the Great American Eclipse

After all the hubbub, hoopla and hype surrounding last week’s cosmic spectacle, I think I’ve developed a case of post-eclipse ennui. Continue reading

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Solidifying the legacy of the CSS Georgia

Archaeologists and crews finished CSS Georgia recovery operations Aug. 2. USACE photo by Billy Birdwell.

SAVANNAH, Ga. – After more than a quarter century of diving and painstaking research, archaeologists who worked to recover the CSS Georgia wrapped up their operations, Aug. 2, with a public presentation at the Coastal Georgia Center in downtown Savannah, Georgia. Continue reading

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The ironclad’s last breath

An aerial view of the CSS Georgia’s west casemate, July 2. The 31 x 24 foot segment weighed 67 tons. (Photo by Anne Weathersby.)

SAVANNAH, Ga. – I stood aboard the CSS Georgia recently and it was surreal.

The hulking, 67-ton section of the west casemate – still dripping with seawater – reeked of rotting mussels and more than a century of sunken detritus.

A mammoth container ship shimmied by so close I could have thrown a baseball to a deckhand. Continue reading

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Providing comments now easier: reader engagement no longer limited to Facebook

Readers may have noticed a change in our comment section. On Friday we returned to our original comment plug-in for posts. This is good news because now anyone can provide remarks – no social media account needed! Readers may comment as guest, or use a medium of their choice. Continue reading

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Wetland acquisition advances SHEP progress

The Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP) continues to make progress, most recently demonstrated by the completion of another environmental mitigation requirement. Continue reading

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