Solidifying the legacy of the CSS Georgia

Archaeologists and crews finished CSS Georgia recovery operations Aug. 2. USACE photo by Billy Birdwell.

SAVANNAH, Ga. – After more than a quarter century of diving and painstaking research, archaeologists who worked to recover the CSS Georgia wrapped up their operations, Aug. 2, with a public presentation at the Coastal Georgia Center in downtown Savannah, Georgia. Continue reading

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The ironclad’s last breath

An aerial view of the CSS Georgia’s west casemate, July 2. The 31 x 24 foot segment weighed 67 tons. (Photo by Anne Weathersby.)

SAVANNAH, Ga. – I stood aboard the CSS Georgia recently and it was surreal.

The hulking, 67-ton section of the west casemate – still dripping with seawater – reeked of rotting mussels and more than a century of sunken detritus.

A mammoth container ship shimmied by so close I could have thrown a baseball to a deckhand. Continue reading

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Providing comments now easier: reader engagement no longer limited to Facebook

Readers may have noticed a change in our comment section. On Friday we returned to our original comment plug-in for posts. This is good news because now anyone can provide remarks – no social media account needed! Readers may comment as guest, or use a medium of their choice. Continue reading

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Wetland acquisition advances SHEP progress

The Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP) continues to make progress, most recently demonstrated by the completion of another environmental mitigation requirement. Continue reading

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More rainfall, but where is it all going?

Things are starting to look up for the Savannah River Basin as each of the sub-basins received above average rainfall for the third straight month. Continue reading

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As the summer heats up, exercise caution

SAVANNAH, Ga. – More public recreation fatalities occur in July than any other month, so we’re asking you to play it safe while on, in or near the water. Continue reading

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Next stop: Lake Hartwell, June 26

SAVANNAH, Ga. – We’re hitting the road next week, heading to Lake Hartwell for a workshop on water management and water levels. The three-hour event will be held at the North Georgia Technical College, Currahee campus, in Toccoa, Georgia. Doors open at 6 p.m. Continue reading

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Play it safe around water this summer

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Before you head out for a day on or near the water, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Savannah District encourages you to ensure you have life jackets for everyone and that you wear them.

Last year Savannah District recorded seven fatalities on the lakes it manages, including Hartwell, Richard B. Russell and J. Strom Thurmond. Five of the seven fatalities occurred in undesignated swimming areas. Continue reading

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Misconceptions on Fish Passage Corrected

We are aware of concerns in the community about the future of the New Savannah Bluff Lock & Dam (NSBL&D) and changes in the proposed fish passage. We believe there are presently some assumptions or misinformation circulating within the community about those topics and the legislation passed in the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act. For background on how this law impacts the NSBL&D, see our summary here.

Most of the misinformation can be summarized under five main categories. We address them below: Continue reading

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The rains return

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Although it didn’t feel like a wet month, April delivered some much-needed, above average rainfall to a drought-ridden Savannah River Basin. Continue reading

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