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As Thurmond gate repairs end, water managers can target full summer pool

Drivers crossing the Thurmond Dam may have noticed two-way traffic resumed this week. That means workers finished the gate repairs on the dam. The one-way traffic ensured safety for workers. One-way began in February 2010, ended in the summer of … Continue reading

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Phinizy researchers to study Savannah River oxbow lakes

Editor’s Note: This article is authored by Oscar P. Flite III, Ph.D., CEO and senior scientist at Phinizy Center for Water Sciences. Flite and his organization are involved in scientific research on the Savannah River that provides critical information needed … Continue reading

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Beneath the barnacles: Archaeologists battle elements to uncover ironclad history

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Each day as tourists saunter through the city’s famous squares, another group of visitors explores a different set of squares at the bottom of the Savannah River. For the past two months, a team of 10 marine … Continue reading

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Drought recovery complete: rise of reservoirs shifts basin into normal operations

Hartwell Reservoir rose more than 2 feet above the Drought Level 1 trigger Wednesday at 3 a.m., which prompted a shift to normal operations. This means the flow restriction at Thurmond Dam is now removed. Demand for peak energy is … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day rains are a boon for sub-basins

Despite lackluster results for the past several months, wet weather staged a comeback for the last month of winter and proved to be enough to push the sub-basins back to par. But it didn’t come easy – each sub-basin relied … Continue reading

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