And so it begins … hopefully

If you harbored even remote doubts about NOAA climatologists’ wet winter predictions, October’s rain most likely washed them away.

Each of the sub-basins received more than double its average last month with Hartwell leading the charge at 8.9 inches (average: 4.1 inches).

October-TestIn fact, this was Hartwell’s wettest October in 67 years. Russell missed breaking its all-time record by .09 inches (8.26 inches in 1990), while Thurmond water-logged its sixth wettest October with 6.2 inches.

The overwhelming majority of this precipitation came from the remnants of two storms (Hurricanes Joaquin and Patricia), which provided nice wet bookends for an otherwise dry month.

And though the storms have passed, their effects are still trickling in.

Just three days into November, the sub-basins are poised to break more records: Russell having already exceeded its 3.5-inch average (4.15 inches), while Thurmond (3.23 inches received, average 3.29) and Hartwell (3.56 inches received, 4.59 average) are well on their way.

As a result, the basin officially left Drought Level 1 and returned to Normal Status yesterday. And today levels are into flood storage.

NOAA climatologists expected the above average precipitation and below average temperatures to begin in December, so all this precipitation could just be an aberration or “wet winter” could end up being an understatement.

~Jeremy S. Buddemeier, Corporate Communications Office

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