Children brighten up the workplace

The 30 children who took part in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Savannah District’s National Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day event, April 25, 2019, pose in the lobby in their best engineer stance.

Savannah District hosted 30 children as part of National Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, April 25.

TODS Day is celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday of April, and according to the TODS foundation website, is an effort to empower young people to effect positive change within their communities, schools and homes.

The day is something the staff at the Savannah District takes great pleasure in sharing with the children according to Sam Robinson, Savannah District equal employment specialist.

(Watch a video of children at Savannah District’s TODS here.)

“I plan on having this smile on my face all day … you know why? Having all of you here today brings me so much joy,” said Robinson.

During their day at the Savannah District children got hands-on experience with projects like building towers out of straws, the effect people have on our wetlands and water safety.

“It’s fun interacting with the kids and teaching them about the right way to do things and mentoring them to see what areas they might want to go into,” said Jason Whittaker, Savannah District structural engineering chief.

Jalaia Ross, 12, whose mother is a contract specialist with the Corps, looked forward to attending the event.

“I was super excited to come here. I learned that there are multiple jobs here when I thought there was just one,” she said.

At the end of the day there were still smiles all around.

“I am happy and I still have a smile on my face because all of you have a smile on your face,” said Robinson.

~ Jonathan Bell, Corporate Communications Office

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