Water webpage issues persist: here’s a workaround

UPDATE: As of about 3:45 p.m. today the original URL for the water page (without the “s” after “http”) is now accessible. This means the app should be working for users and all bookmarks should also be working. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or reply with a comment if you experience further issues.

I left our original post below for continuity.

ORIGINAL POST — 2:45 p.m.:
If you are having trouble accessing our water page and mobile app, it’s not you, it’s us.  

In order to make public our water page we must frequently patch and update security certificates. The last patch broke all your bookmarks and the app, because it required insertion of an “s” in front of the “http”. Now the page is only accessible in this form: https://water.sas.usace.army.mil. If you paste that URL in your browser it should work.

We are having trouble with a redirect because the server still sees the URL as essentially the same link.

An added wrinkle to this problem is an intimidating warning that pops up claiming the page is not secure. And indeed, it is not a secure site; but rest assured there’s no risk because you won’t be providing personal information on the site.  

We are working with our IT folks to find a permanent solution so that the original URL will work and you can keep all your bookmarks. This would also solve the issue with the app, (for those who can still use it) since that platform pulls data directly from the webpage.

But don’t get too comfortable with the app. As we mentioned in July, we are losing rights to that platform for reasons explained in the announcement.

Workaround for the App too

We’re working to find affordable options that could bring the app back online. But if (and until) that happens, we provided a workaround for the app by creating an HTML page that mimics the function of the app, and all you have to do is bookmark the page on your mobile device.

The page you need to bookmark is: https://water.sas.usace.army.mil/smart. We provided simple directions on how to add this to Android and Apple devices.

We understand many people depend on this information and this inconvenience came at the most inopportune time (for you as well as us!). Please accept our apology for the hang-up. And thanks for your patience and understanding :-)

~Russell Wicke, Corporate Communications Office

About U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Savannah District

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Savannah District oversees a multimillion dollar military construction program at 11 Army and Air Force installations in Georgia and North Carolina. We also manage water resources across the Coastal Georgia region, including maintenance dredging of the Savannah and Brunswick harbors; operation of three hydroelectric dams and reservoirs along the upper Savannah River; and administration of an extensive stream and wetland permitting and mitigation program within the state of Georgia. Follow us on Twitter @SavannahCorps and on Facebook.com/SavannahCorps
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