Thurmond closes 3 boat ramps

J. Strom Thurmond Lake has closed an additional three boat ramps in cooperation with local law enforcement to help achieve the national individual distancing standards set by the government.

Officials previously closed the visitors’ center and all restrooms, campgrounds and day-use areas (and boat ramps inside those areas) at the reservoir.

In Georgia the Corps closed one ramp:
• Lake Springs

In South Carolina the Corps closed these ramps:
• Clark’s Hill Park
• Parksville

“We must close these ramps because many members of the public continued to congregate in groups in adjacent closed areas, violating standards designed to prevent further spread of the Covid-19 virus,” Scott Hyatt, Thurmond Project Manager said. “In order to keep people from crossing into the off-limits zones from the boat ramps, we placed barriers near the highway, which closes access to the ramps.”

Check the Thurmond website for Corps operated ramps that remain open

Since some facilities at Thurmond Lake are operated by Georgia or South Carolina and others by local agencies, visitors should check with the appropriate state, county or marina regarding the availability of their facilities.

Shore fishing remains open to the public except in closed areas.

“The Corps asks that everyone please take special caution to avoid overcrowding both where you park and where you fish,” Hyatt said.

Hiking remains open. The Bartram Trail Heads are still open at Lake Springs and Petersburg but not West Dam. The Bussey Point trails are also accessible. “While many things are changing, the Corps wants everyone to understand that we keep our commitment to your safety and the safety of our employees and contractors first,” Hyatt said.

“Please help us by following guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that mandate social distancing and self-isolation during this crisis. Only together can we slow and ultimately defeat this threat so that we may reopen closed parks and return to providing you the great recreation opportunities you have come to expect from J. Strom Thurmond Lake.”

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